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“Your specialists did very well! Our article was improved.”

Dr. Valentin Riaby

Moscow Aviation Institute, Russia

“AIP's language editing service is excellent: the editor has edited the manuscript in detail, and the manuscript has now been published.”

Guoquan Liu

Harbin Institute of Technology, China

“The speed of the editing is very fast. The expert was very careful with the revision.”

Wei Liu

China Academy of Engineering Physics, China

"I enjoyed my experience with AIP Author Services. It is a fantastic service. The manuscript was indeed improved."

Koji Nagata

KAIST, Japan

“I am fully satisfied with the service I received from AIP Author Services.”

Dr Abdel-Aleam H Mohamed

Taibah University, Saudi Arabia

"For many, the new AIPP author language service will transform authorship. Instead of wasting time perfecting writing, with a 3-6 day turnover, English can be corrected with physics-contextual intelligence. The service is affordable too, typically coming in at $200 per manuscript. Some Professors are even using the service as a replacement for proofing their graduate student coauthor’s writing. At AIPP, the language service happened to come on-stream along with a new 5-minute submission system. This potent combination transformed the way we operate Physics of Fluids. Since, resubmission just takes 5-minutes, the language service empowered the Editor to raise the English language standard from “understandable” to “correct”. Reviewers are no longer burdened with incorrect English, and Physics of Fluids is a much stronger journal for this."

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A. Jeffrey Giacomin, PhD, PE, PEng

Editor-in-Chief, Physics of Fluids

“I am satisfied with the language editing service and received an invoice very soon in May. The AIP Author Services team provided a highly efficient service. It’s a nice experience.”

Yan Zhu

Nanjing Tech University, China

“Yes, I have used the AIP author service several times, and I think it works perfectly.”

Zhe Zhang

Institute of Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

“AIP Author Services is great and I enjoyed the experience.”

Ming Dong

Northeastern University, China